If you have a chicken coop on your property, you may have noticed the occasional snake. Snakes can be an annoyance and an even more bothersome problem if they are near your home or business. But there are some things you can do to keep them out.

One way is to block off any holes and cracks. This helps to discourage snakes from entering. You can use fine mesh or hardware cloth to cover these areas. A foam sealant is also a good idea for sealing out large cracks.

Another good idea is to put up a barrier around your coop. These can be woodpiles or tall grasses. They make good hiding spots and a good way to deter snakes.

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Providing a raised floor in your coop will also help prevent snakes from entering. Rodent droppings are a favorite food for snakes, and they are often found in your coop. Also, removing debris around your coop will reduce the amount of hiding places.

Another good idea is to place a snake proof fence. Putting down a bit of hardware cloth and placing a small gate on the side of your coop is a simple solution. However, it is important to remember to leave the door to your coop open at night. It is more likely that a snake will camp out in your coop during the night.

If you are unable to build a barrier around your coop, consider using a snake trap. These are available at your local pet supply store. To use a snake trap, simply place the device outside your coop’s doorway and replace the bait every few weeks.

A great way to repel snakes is by planting plants, such as lemongrass, rosemary, and marigold. All three of these plants have an odor that will ward off snakes. Other natural repellents include garlic and onions. In addition to these natural substances, you can add soapy water or a few drops of pepper to your potting soil to create an effective snake repellent.

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The best way to prevent snakes from getting in your coop is to check it frequently. If you notice a snake in your coop, remove it as soon as possible. Not only will this reduce the incentive to have a snake visit, it will also ensure that the snake is gone quickly.

Some people think that snakes are attracted to chickens. While this is true, they will most often kill the eggs rather than the chickens themselves. Since snakes have a fondness for rodents, it is a good idea to provide rodent proof feed and shelter for your hens.

For some people, having a snake in your yard is a terrifying thought. However, snakes are not the only creatures in the wild. Rats and mice will also be attracted to your coop and can pose a serious threat to your birds. Keeping them at bay can be a daunting task, but a couple of simple steps will go a long way towards keeping your chickens safe and healthy.