If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you are probably wondering how to keep bees away from it. These insects can be very bothersome and even sting you. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent bees from occupying your pool.

The best way to discourage bees is to create an alternative water source. This can be as simple as adding a bucket of water or a bird bath. Make sure that this is in place before you actually open the pool. It will take a little time for the insects to get used to the new source, so don’t try to force the issue right away.

Another solution is to use essential oils to repel bees. Certain scents are found to be unpleasant by bees, including lavender, lemongrass, spearmint and thyme. Some essential oils can be mixed with water and sprayed around the pool to make the area less attractive.

bee on flower

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You can also make a decoy nest. Decoys are fake nests that can be created with brown paper bags or a tree branch. Hanging them from a nearby tree or from your porch beam can be effective in repelling bees.

You can also hang mothballs near your pool. Mothballs have a strong, unpleasant odor that bees hate. They should be a small amount and should not have a strong fragrance. In addition, they can be placed in a cloth bag and hung close to your pool.

Alternatively, you can hang dryer sheets around your pool. Dryer sheets are a natural repellent against bees, but they lose their effectiveness over time. A few dryer sheets on the end of your pool will work, but be careful that you replace them regularly. Also, place them in colorful bins around your pool. To hide the smell, you can weigh them down with rocks or other objects.

Bees are not a natural swimmer. However, they are attracted to pools because of the water. They can easily drown. So, it is important to discourage bees from visiting your swimming pool. As an added precaution, make sure that you have a pool cover on your pool. Having a cover on your pool will make the area less accessible to the insects, which can help to keep them out.

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Finally, you can make a fake wasp nest. These are easy to make and inexpensive to purchase. Depending on the size of your pool, you may want to buy multiple nests and hang them from different areas around your yard. Initially, you will need to watch closely to see if the bees move from one location to the other.

If you are still having trouble keeping bees out of your pool, consider hiring an exterminator. Several companies will come to your home and kill the bees. You can also keep a beekeeper in your neighborhood to safely remove the bees from your pool.

Even if you have managed to keep bees from your pool, you may still find them hanging around. If you do, you will want to relocate them to a better location.