Garden Native Tour

We promote the use of native California landscaping for its
direct positive impact on our community's health and well-being.

Save the date! Garden Native Tour 2015 coming on March 28-29, 2015!

Click here to see pictures from the Garden Native Tour 2014!

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Welcome to Garden Native

Why are we so passionate about native California plants?

With a native garden, you'll spend less than half the time, money, and energy that you use on a conventional landscape!

Native landscapes also help you:

• Significantly reduce your water consumption
• Improve our nearshore ocean water quality
• Mitigate wildfire damage to your home
• Increase habitat for native fauna that benefit your edible gardens

Garden Native programs raise awareness, and provide extensive training in native gardening techniques.

Join us for our:

Annual Garden Native Tour. We invite you to experience awe and inspiration in some of the most beautiful gardens in San Diego County.

Workshops and Lectures. Creating native gardens is easy, and caring for them even easier.

Certification program for native plant professionals. Coming soon!